In 2007, during my 2nd year at Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theatre’s MFA program, guest teacher Giovanni Fusetti led our class through an in-depth training in the grotesque and satirical realm of performance called BOUFFON.  I knew from the first day that this form of theatre was my calling.  Since then, I’ve led the creation and performance of a multitude of bouffon projects, both full-length and cabaret-length via the company I founded in San Francisco, Naked Empire Bouffon Company.  I also lead award-winning intensive workshops in bouffon because I have a personal mission of making this work more popular and more practiced.

All of the details on the work are available on the company’s website here.

Meanwhile, the following are some of my favorite images from previous bouffon performances. Enjoy!

You Killed Hamlet by Naked Empire Bouffon Company. Photo by Shootthatklown.


Euoi! Co-created at Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theatre. Photo by Carol Eckstein.