Odyssey on Angel Island


I owe a debt of gratitude to my mentors:

Jacklyn Musson, Timothy Tackett, Michael Kremer, Tom Bradac, Michael Nehring, Tamiko Washington, Joel Moffet, Lisa Wolpe, Dennis Krausnick, Edgar Landa, Adele Cabot, Bill Rauch, Ronlin Foreman, Joan Schirle, Giovanni Fusetti, Stephanie Thompson, Philip Gerstner, Bruce Marrs, Eric & Ines Zeller Bass, Eric Wilcox, Kate & Andrew Phoenix, Stephen Buescher, Joe Dieffenbacher, and Yury Urnov.

Wisdom and support from these fine folks have led to breakthrough after breakthrough. Not everyone on this list is a teacher. Some are directors, some fellow performers, and some are dear friends.

The link between all of them is their belief in the beauty and power of finding one’s voice.